Satellite Sessions

Satellite sessions

Masterclass with Andy Bindman: Translating Evidence into Policy - 2 July 2018

Masterclass with Andy Bindman, MD Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology & Biostatistics University of California San Francisco. Do you want your research to inform government policy? Do you want to understand how to identify the government agencies and key people within them who can use your research evidence in their work? The Sax Institute invites you to a masterclass with a world leader in translating research evidence into policy.

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Workshop with Professor Nicholas Mays: Designing evaluations of policies and programs - 9 July 2018

Workshop with Professor Nicholas Mays Professor of Health Policy, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine University of London, England. Thinking of evaluating your policy or program? Wanting to know about the strengths of different approaches? Need some advice about mixed methods? The Sax Institute invites you to a workshop with a world leader in designing policy evaluation that is feasible in real world policy contexts.

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